Songwriter, singer // Eleonora Stolfi

Winner of the Sanremo Senior Grand Prix 2021 with new single "Ruggine". Italian singer-songwriter based in London.


Dream pop, cinematic, 80s electronic new wave.


About her latest album "Fish Out of Water"...

Conjuring a midnight rendez-vous with a maddening lover, Eleonora Stolfi’s beguiling voice breathes life into her original compositions, written with heart and stomach.

In her début solo album Fish out of Water, Eleonora holds the listener in a tortured embrace as she weaves an entrancing soundscape from the threads of generations.

Evoking a private invitation to a Lynchian lounge bar, Fish out of Water serves a swill of nostalgic reverie laced with eclectic elements of the present day. Stolfi’s studio work at once honours the lineage of her influences (alternative guitars, intoxicating saxophone, and versatile strings), while flirtatiously stealing away to explore electronic synths and beats.

After taking up the majority of the instruments in her own two hands and distilling her demons into a cathartically sumptuous recording, Stolfi emerges to present the perfect complement in her stripped-back live performance.

Eleonora’s sets explore an emotional range from hushed and confessional to raucous and wild. She cherishes these opportunities to connect intimately with her audience, revealing reimaginings of her own pieces alongside heartfelt and well-chosen covers.

A commanding presence and accomplished instrumentalist, Stolfi guides her audience with piercing insight through the enchanted darkness of the human psyche. The experience is transformative.

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New single "RUGGINE"
Premio Grand Prix Sanremo Senior 2021